Май 2012 17

Великий и могучий английский сленг. Или как называют английские джентльмены за глаза английских девушек, и только за глаза! С их то манией политкорректности! Подслушиваем и записываем…


Definition: A young woman, particularly an attractive young woman.

Example: I like Annie, she’s a cool chick.

Ugly Duckling

Definition: A person who starts looking nasty, but develops into a beautiful individual later in life.

Example: At school, everyone used to call Jill an ugly duckling, but at 25, she is quite pretty.


Definition: A stylish, elegant and fashionable woman.

Example: She looks so chic in her long silk dress.

Dressed to kill

Definition: Wearing fashionable clothes, dressed in her most stylish and sophisticated outfit.

Example: Tina was dressed to kill for her date on Saturday night.

Goody two-shoes

Definition: Someone who is so good and so obedient that it is annoying.

Example: Annie is such a goody two-shoes — she told our teacher that we forgot to hand in our homework.

Wrapped around your finger

Definition: to be the master of another person, to control someone completely.

Example: Baby, you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.

Jane Doe

Definition: An unidentified woman.

Example: The police found a Jane Doe buried under a blanket in the back yard.


Definition: An empty-headed woman, a dumb girl who looks good, but has no brain.

Example: Your girlfriend is such a bimbo – can she do anything besides chew gum?

Fashion statement

Definition: Stylish or unusual clothing, clothes that cannot be ignored or overlooked.

Example: That new suit of yours is quite a fashion statement.


Definition: Glamorous, wearing fashionable clothes and make-up, peculiarly when done to excess.

Example: She is so glam that people think she is a model.

People person

Definition: Someone who likes being with other people and who is good at working with people.

Example: Holly is a good stewardess, she likes to fly and she’s a real people person.