Май 2012 17

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Великий и могучий английский сленг. Интересно, а как между собой сдержанные английские леди называют своих кавалеров?


Definition: An awkward or silly person, a looser.

Example: My brother is a pretty nice guy, but I wish he was not such a doofus.


Definition: An overly intellectual person with poor social skills, unfashionable and unpopular one.

Example: I like Stephan even though he is a bit of a nerd.

Ladies’ man

Definition: A man who is popular with women.

Example: Billy is a little bit of a ladies’ man, every time we go out for drinks, he gets at least a dozen of phone numbers from cute girls.

Average Joe

Definition: Someone who is just like everyone else, a normal person.

Example: Mick is an average Joe, he likes football and hated opera.


Definition: An athlete, usually is used to describe someone who is good at sports and not good at school.

Example: Kenny is a real jock, he plays football, basketball and hockey.


Definition: An overly intellectual person, someone who thinks too much.

Example: Charles can’t order lunch without using an algebraic formula  — what an egghead.

Wuss \ Yellow

Definition: A coward, a timid person.

Example: Don’t be a wuss, Den. It is just a spider.

Sugar Daddy

Definition: A man who gives a woman money and gifts, usually as a part of romantic relationship.

Example: My sugar baby brought me a new car!

Rookie \ Newbie \ Greenhorn

Definition: A beginner, one who is new to a profession or field.

Example: It is not easy to be a rookie police officer.